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The Odisha History Congress is the largest body of professional historians, scholars, students and public interested in History of Odisha. Established in 1969, the Congress has been active in promoting scientific history writing. It has immensely contributed to the construction of an unbiased regional history of Odisha from ancient times to present day. By now OHC has organized 34 Annual Sessions and a number of regional sessions. Hundreds of research papers on different aspects of Odishan history and Culture were presented in such sessions by researchers and learned scholars. Proceedings of such sessions were also published.

Journal of Odisha History
Now for the researchers and persons interested in Odishan history and culture, we are launching this website. In course of time all the publications of Odisha History Congress shall be linked to this web site and shall be available throughout the world for the scholars, researchers and general public.

From this website one can have the idea of functioning of the Odisha History Congress and its activities for last forty years. Details of the fourth coming events and different circulars shall be displayed through this web site of all countries India is the best and of all states Odisha (Kapilasamnta). Odisha is a land of holiness, beauty and artistic excellence.

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Prof. Ashok Kumar Pattanaik
President, Odisha History Congress

Prof. Prof. Susmita Prasad Pani
General Secretary,  Odisha History Congress

The 34th Session of Odisha History Congress has bestowed an onerous responsibility on my shoulders. I thank every member of OHC for electing me with overwhelming majority. I commit myself to work in union with all of you.